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Survival of the Jacks

Updated: Feb 14

As a kid, I started painting (to be honest, I was forced to it by parents, as I was not good at it). My interest has been in dancing, that I never got to pursue to the depth that I would have wanted to. Cooking intrigued me as a kid, and then I lost touch, once I moved out of home, to pursue greener pastures. I romanticized literature, and would often bury myself into reading, something that I find a lot more difficult to do now. History excites me, and often I regret not knowing better, to have pursued archaeology. And as a hopeless believer of science, I am inclined on common sense, and logics to accept anything in my surroundings. And for now, psychology is the flavor of the phase I am in currently. Having multiple interests, has often put me on crossroads of the below questions:

Is it a creative block? Or am I not good enough in anything? Am I overestimating myself? Or am I being harsh on my abilities?

Inability to identify the crux of the matter, and 'choosing' the easier way out, I have often considered myself as one of the Jacks, unfortunately, with no mastery on anything. And one realization, drew me to another - in this age of 'Specializations' and 'Subject Matter Experts', how do the Jacks survive, and more importantly are we needed in this world. The reason I stressed on the word 'choosing', is because, it all ends with a choice, and the pressure to choose has always been difficult for me and made me anxious. My curiosity led me to a quick search on the internet, that brought me to the term (or just another label) - 'Mulitpotentialite'. There is a legit definition to the term in Wikipedia.

Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to the ability and preference of a person, particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields. It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one.

Alas! A micro bucket is further being sub-bucketed with two definitions, and I certainly belong to the later definition, at least, as on date, because I am yet to excel in anything. And if you find this post relatable, or find yourself fitting in the buckets of the label and the definition of Multipotential, know, that you are not alone. I am leaving you with the below TEDxBend video.

Guess what, the world needs us! So, accept yourself, celebrate yourself, and as Emilie Wapnick says, hear your inner wiring. And it is going to be a wait, until I excel in something, or may be not!

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